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FRODDO shoes are designed and made in Europe by a leading footwear manufacturer in Croatia with more than 70 years of shoemaking experience. Specialising in children's shoes, from first baby shoes right up to teens, Froddo understand that children's developing feet need extra care, so they make shoes that offer the right amount of comfort, protection and support for your child's growing feet. Froddo use only the best quality leather sourced from Italy and Germany, and natural materials that are safe for children's feet. Hopla! Singapore is an authorised retailer and distributor for Froddo Shoes in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

Features of FRODDO shoes

  • Froddo shoes are recognized in Europe for their high-quality, anatomic design, comfort, and safety to promote the healthy development of children's feet.
  • Froddo full leather shoes are made with full grain aniline leather and certified natural materials that are safe and natural for children's feet, with no toxins, harmful substances, heavy metals and no chrome VI.
  • Each shoe features soft natural leather inner lining and insole that is breathable for your child's delicate feet, which keeps feet healthy without having any harmful toxins or chrome VI that risk getting absorbed by the skin.
  • Their anatomically contoured shoe form feature ensures a comfortable and secure fit that supports good gait and posture.
  • Froddo shoes are designed in conjunction with paediatricians and orthopaedic doctors, for each stage of children's foot development, from first baby shoes to teens.
  • Froddo is particularly concerned about the healthy growth and optimal development of children's feet. That is why they create only high quality and comfortable footwear, made from healthy, certified material, without any harmful substances.

Why choose FRODDO?

  • Experience and heritage
  • Natural materials without chrome VI
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • Certified materials
  • Adjusted to the age and anatomy of feet
  • Commitment to quality
  • A safe and healthy product
  • Controlled production in all phases of the development proces

Shoe diagram

  1. Thermoformed cap with enough space for healthy and unobstructed foot development
  2. Insole made from natural leather
  3. Anatomical insole
  4. Basic insole that retains the shape of the sole part of the mould
  5. Heel stabiliser – shapes the heel part and stabilises the child’s foot while walking
  6. Lining made from natural materials, the softness of which provides comfort while allowing the foot to breathe
  7. Flexible sole – absorbs impact with the ground