Unveiling the Bopy Magic: Heritage, Comfort, and Style

Unveiling the Bopy Magic: Heritage, Comfort, and Style

When it comes to children's footwear, one name often stands out: Bopy. This esteemed French brand, adored by children and trusted by parents alike, is now exclusively available in Singapore through Hopla! retail children's shoe stores and online. Bopy's story is one of relentless dedication, heritage, and passion, as we'll explore.

The Humble Beginnings

The Bopy brand was established more than a century ago, emerging from the passion of a young craftsman, Pierre Humeau. Aged just 12, Humeau discovered his love for hand-craft and entrepreneurship, guided by the village shoemaker's skilled hand. His fervour for shoemaking led to the establishment of his first workshop in 1905, where he assembled 20 artisans as passionate about quality footwear as he was. These beginnings marked Bopy's transformation from a regional reference for children's shoes into a beloved brand across France.

Bopy Today: Preserving Passion, Cultivating Craftsmanship

Bopy's enduring story is a testament to the values it holds dear - a reverence for manual shoemaking, unwavering commitment to comfort, and the joy of putting smiles on children and parents' faces. Over the years, the brand has grown significantly, now employing more than 250 devoted individuals. However, the Bopy family's essence remains, passed down from generation to generation, crafting footwear that delights and reassures.

As part of Groupe HB (Humeau Beaupréau), Bopy is an active participant in the INNOSHOE charter. This involvement reflects their dedication to rigorous quality control, guaranteeing the reliability and excellence of their shoes throughout the production cycle.

A Century of Excellence: Bopy's Promise

With over a hundred years of experience, Bopy has earned its stripes as an expert in the French market. Their deep-rooted knowledge enables them to cater to parents' tastes and expectations, always striving to enchant their little customers.

Bopy takes pride in its meticulous attention to detail in every stage of the shoemaking process, from trend research to production. Their shoes are designed to delight children while offering parents peace of mind, available in sizes 16 to 41.

With Bopy, the choices are endless. Two collections are released every year, covering every season. Their summer collection boasts a colorful array of sandals, ballet flats, open-toe, and low shoes. As for autumn and winter, the children are treated to a variety of boots, ankle boots, and fur-lined shoes that keep little feet snug and warm.

The Heart of Bopy: Comfort and Care

Bopy understands the importance of children's footwear in the myriad of adventures they experience. The brand's shoes have always been designed to grow with children, supporting them from their first steps, through recess frolics, nature explorations, and walks with friends.

The brand’s primary focus remains the well-being of children, ensuring that the shoes they craft not only offer comfort but also allow kids to embrace and enjoy their childhood fully. Parents can trust that their children's footsteps are in safe hands with Bopy, knowing that every stride is under their watchful, caring eyes.

Discover Bopy's magic at Hopla! stores or on our website. Let your children step into the world of comfort, style, and quality. Let them walk with Bopy.

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