About Froddo Shoes

About Froddo Shoes

Introducing Froddo, a brand that has been setting the standard for children's footwear since 1994. Originating from Croatia, Froddo has built its reputation on creating shoes that combine quality, comfort, and style, embodying values that resonate with discerning parents worldwide.

One of Froddo's standout attributes is its focus on ergonomic design. Engineered to mimic the foot's natural shape, Froddo shoes utilize breathable, lightweight materials and flexible soles, providing unparalleled support for children at every stage of development.

The materials used in Froddo's products meet the highest quality standards. Their shoes feature durable yet soft leather, treated with specialized waxes and oils to be both water-resistant and easy to clean. This assures not only longevity but also comfort for children's delicate feet.

In terms of innovative features, Froddo shoes are designed with practicality in mind. Convenient hook and loop closures are common across their product lines, along with multi-directional lug patterns on soles for superior traction. These small yet significant design elements set the brand apart from its competitors.

Froddo offers a wide range of products catering to all age groups—from babies and toddlers to teenagers. Whether you are looking for casual shoes, stylish sandals, or school-appropriate footwear, Froddo has it all. We are proud to announce that these exceptional shoes can only be found in Singapore at Hopla!, either in our retail outlets or our online store.

By choosing Froddo, you are investing in footwear that aligns with your own high standards for your children. We welcome you to explore our exclusive range at Hopla! and discover why Froddo remains a leading name in children's footwear.

Froddo Shoes are available in our store. Please click here to browse our selection.

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