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Discover the Magic of Native Shoes

Native Shoes is more than just a footwear brand; it's an embodiment of innovation, sustainability, and vibrant aesthetics that echo the joyful laughter of children at play. Its journey started in 2009, anchored in the belief that comfort and style can beautifully intersect to create footwear that leaves a minimal footprint on the planet, yet a significant impact on our lives.

Rooted in these values, Native Shoes has continually evolved to combine sustainable practices with modern design, perfect for the next generation of environmental stewards. A standout example of this evolution is the introduction of Sugarlite™, a proprietary material that beautifully blends traditional EVA with sugarcane-derived resin. More than just ensuring exceptional comfort, Sugarlite™ significantly decreases greenhouse gas emissions during production, making these shoes a smart and earth-friendly choice.

Among their diverse product range, the children's collection, and specifically the slip-on model Jefferson, holds a special place. Like a child's imagination, the Jefferson range is limitless, colorful, and full of surprises. Easy to wear and perfect for both water play and everyday wear, these shoes are an adventure-ready staple that never go out of style. From playgrounds to pool sides, Native Jefferson shoes encapsulate a child's world in every pair.

From vibrant hues that capture the rainbow to different finishes like the radiant 'bling', the Jefferson range offers something for every child's taste. And for those enamored by the charm of their favorite characters, Native Shoes collaborates with iconic franchises such as Star Wars and Disney, adding an extra sprinkle of magic to each step.

At Hopla! Singapore, we are thrilled to offer Native Shoes as a part of our curated collection. Their commitment to comfort, style, and sustainability resonates with our values and those of our customers. It's no surprise that Native Shoes has emerged as one of our best-selling brands both in our online and retail stores. Discover the delightful world of Native Shoes today – it's a journey of joy, comfort, and conscious choices, one step at a time.

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