Discover Cienta: A Legacy of Spanish Craftsmanship at Hopla!

Discover Cienta: A Legacy of Spanish Craftsmanship at Hopla!

At Hopla!, we take pride in curating the finest children’s footwear for Singapore. It is with enthusiasm that we highlight Cienta - a brand embodying the essence of skilled Spanish shoemaking and one that has been a cornerstone of our collection for over seven years. Cienta offers timeless styles marked by quality craftsmanship.

A Storied Shoemaking Heritage

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Spain, Cienta represents the rich legacy and artisanal dedication to shoemaking that the country is so renowned for. Crafted at the heart of Spain, each pair of Cienta shoes conveys a tradition passed down through generations – one of meticulous attention to detail, unwavering commitment to quality, and preservation of legacy. Beyond just footwear, Cienta symbolizes keeping heritage alive.

Style and Comfort Combined

The Cienta offerings at Hopla! skillfully blend comfort, style, and resilience. Created with a spirit of youthful adventure, these shoes appeal to a child’s energetic nature. The most popular pick across our Singapore stores – the canvas slip-on – showcases Cienta’s talent for fusing traditional craft with contemporary design. Available in versatile solid hues and stonewashed finishes, the slip-ons effortlessly combine sophisticated aesthetics with playfulness.

Breathable Companions for Young Feet

Beyond stylish looks, the canvas slip-ons charm customers with their exceptional comfort and breathability. With eco-friendly materials and flexible rubber soles, they prove ideal for Singapore’s tropical environment. The convenient slip-on design enables quick wear, making them a versatile partner for school days, outings, and everything in between.

Exclusively Found at Hopla!

We proudly house the sole retail availability of Cienta shoes in Singapore. Our seven-year partnership has delighted countless children and parents. By exclusively offering Cienta, our commitment remains to provide only the finest footwear – beautifully designed, ethically produced, and environmentally responsible.

Step Into the Cienta Experience

We welcome you to discover Cienta magic at Hopla! – whether you admire the cheerful playfulness of our canvas slip-ons or the storied heritage of Spanish shoemaking, Cienta offers something special for all. Explore our stores or online shop to appreciate why Cienta represents more than just shoes – it embodies a journey of quality, lineage, and style exclusively available at Hopla!.

Cienta Shoes are available in our store. Please click here to browse our selection.

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