Healthy Steps Forward: Embrace Shoo Pom's Podiatrist-Approved Shoes for Kids at Hopla!

Healthy Steps Forward: Embrace Shoo Pom's Podiatrist-Approved Shoes for Kids at Hopla!

At Hopla! Shoe Store, we're proud to introduce you to Shoo Pom - a delightful and unique children's footwear brand that expertly marries comfort and whimsy. This is the brand for your little ones if you're looking for shoes that radiate with imagination, color, and sparkle!

Straight from the heart of France and crafted with the kind of love only a childlike soul can provide, Shoo Pom's collections are more than just footwear. They're an invitation to adventure, a canvas for your children's vibrant life stories. Steeped in years of shoemaking experience, each Shoo Pom shoe is a testament to the brand's dedication to quality and an undying passion for fun, functional design.

Shoo Pom is an offshoot of the illustrious Pom d'Api, a French brand recognized since 1973 for its commitment to creating children's shoes that don't just look good but feel great too. They've carried this legacy into the heart of Shoo Pom, creating shoes that truly serve the needs of your child.

But what sets Shoo Pom apart? It's their dedication to your child's foot health. Working in exclusive partnership with the French Union for Foot Health, they've developed their line of "first-step" shoes that aren't just recommended, but celebrated by foot health professionals. Each model is designed with the key technical features necessary to ensure the right support and space for your child's growing feet.

As the exclusive Shoo Pom retailer in Singapore, Hopla! is thrilled to bring this fantastic brand to your doorstep. We believe in their mission to create stylish, comfortable shoes that can keep up with your kids from their earliest toddles to their grandest adventures.

Join us in celebrating the joy of childhood. Let Shoo Pom shoes accompany your little ones on their journey, adding comfort and color every step of the way!

Shoe Pom Shoes are available in our store. Please click here to browse our selection.

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