Arrival of New Méduse Collection

Arrival of New Méduse Collection

From the vibrant streets of France to the heart of Singapore, Hopla! Shoes is thrilled to bring the newest Méduse, made in France collection exclusively to our stores and online shop. Prepare to delight in a variety of playful designs and fresh colors, all ready to bring some excitement to your family's footwear.

For those who adore the classic Airport model, known for its easy-to-wear design and reliable protection on rainy days, we have good news! In addition to the staple dark blue, sunny yellow, and vibrant pink, these much-loved Wellington boots for kids are now available in an adventurous green and a calming light blue.

For our little fashion trailblazers, we're introducing the new kid on the block - the Méduse Gaspero. With its stylish navy stripes, this boot promises to turn any rainy day into a fashionable outing. It's not just a boot; it's a ticket to an exciting outdoor adventure.

We haven't forgotten our older kids and adults! The sleek Jumpy model is now available in an elegant all-black colorway. This versatile, waterproof boot is the perfect balance between practicality and fashion. It promises to add a dash of chic to any outfit while offering the unmatched comfort and durability Méduse is known for.

Finally, for those seeking a more premium experience, we've added the Méduse Japmar model to our collection. Available in bold blue and daring red, these boots are the perfect blend of superior quality and unique style. They're the quintessential footwear for those who value fashion and functionality equally.

There's never been a better time to elevate your rainy day style. Explore the new Méduse collection, exclusively at Hopla! Shoes in Singapore and our online shop. Whether you're seeking fun, comfort, style, or adventure, we have the perfect pair of boots waiting for you.

Prepare for the downpours ahead with a dash of color and a lot of style. The skies might be gray, but with Méduse and Hopla! Shoes, your steps will always be vibrant.

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